Welcome to the Big Sky Little Britches 2017 - 2018 Winter Series!  

Ground Rules:

Entries are due by 10 pm on Monday prior to the week of the rodeo, so 2 weeks out. You can call them in 406-697-4740 between the hours of 4 pm to 10 pm that Monday. Fill out the entry form located in Forms and email to or text a picture of it filled out to 406-697-4740. 

Entry Fees need to be paid before the rodeo starts or at least before the contestant starts rodeoing! If you are running late, just be sure to let the office know. Events are $12, plus stock charges: $5 for goats, $8 for steers, $10 for calves, $25 for rough stock steers, $35 for bulls and bucking horses 

Call Robert at 406-690-5380 to reserve your stalls and hookups. There are limited indoor stalls, covered outside, and outside stalls as well as trailer hookups available so call early. All stalls, extra shavings, and hookups need to be paid by the end of the Saturday rodeo.  

Please be sure to clean out your stall best you can before you leave, we would sure appreciate it!

We are a winter rodeo series in Montana! If the roads are bad and it doesn't look like you can make it, just give us a call or text 406-697-4740 to cancel before the start of the first rodeo. There are no fines or fees if you need to cancel, provided you call. If the weather gets too cold (below 10 degrees), the rodeo will be canceled or rescheduled. Be sure to check our Facebook page or call before you haul if there are any doubts!

We don't charge a turnout fee if a contestant needs to cancel due to weather and/or bad roads.  We will charge a turnout fee for participants who no show, or decide not to attend after sending in an entry.  Turnout fees will be charged for any changes made after the Monday the week of the rodeo.  Med Out or Vet Outs need to be received prior to the start of the rodeo.

Our series is offering 16 rodeos over 8 weekends. An All Around will be awarded at each rodeo with either a cash or a prize award and there will be two all around winners in each age division awarded over a 2 rodeo weekend. A two day average is not used so contestants can attend one rodeo or both each weekend.  

Points are awarded to the top 7 places in each event. Points are used to determine All Around and series event winners. 

Series End Awards will be based on a contestant’s top 12 scores in each event out of a possible 16 rodeos. The Series All Around is based on top 12 All Around points earned at each rodeo. We will be awarding 6 All Around Connolly's Saddles to our series All Around Winners in each of the 6 age divisions. 

The number of places receiving awards will be determined based on the number of contestants who compete in that event and in that age division.  

In order to qualify for year end awards and prizes, contestants will need to attend a minimum of 8 rodeos and sell 20 raffle tickets.

The Trail Hand division is for contestants ages 7 and under. The division is not recognized by the NLBRA, and does not require a National Little Britches membership.  It is designed to help younger children get involved in rodeo and contestants may be leadline or assisted. If a contestant is under 5, then they need to enter as a Trail Hand. Contestants between the age of 5 and 7 may choose to be a Trail Hand if they are still walking or trotting the pattern or aren't ready yet for Little Wrangler event time limits of 45 seconds.  

Contestants may not enter some Trail Hand events and some Little Wrangler events—a contestant may only enter in one division. Trail Hands earn series points but not National NLBRA points. Events $10 each, with $5 stock fee for goats and  $5 of each event entry going into the jackpot payout. There is aTrail Hand All Around at each rodeo, and will be awarded a Series End All Around based on top 12 scores out of a possible 16 rodeos in Barrels, Poles, Goat Tail Un-Tying, and Flags

BSLBR also offers 8 & Under Dummy Roping. This event is not an NLBRA event, does not receive national points and points earned are not used in determining an All Around. Contestants are awarded points for our series. Top three Series winners will receive awards based on top 12 scores out of a possible 16.  

We also offer 2 additional events for the Junior Boys, Chute Dogging and Jr. Tie Down.  They are not National Little Britches events, and don't count towards the all around, but will be jackpot events and earn series prizes this year.

Big Sky Little Britches is planning to again co-sanction with the Montana Mini Buckers at all our rodeos who will also be offering mini bulls. 

Contestants need to wear official rodeo dress complete with hat, long sleeve collared shirt, boots and must have their NLBRA back number on to compete! PER the 2017-2018 NLBRA RULE CHANGE: Hats only must stay on past the plane of the gate for the run to count.  Since we are a winter rodeo, we do on occasion waive the hat rule and allow contestants to keep their coats on.  Do need to have their number pinned to their coat then and while stocking or winter hats are allowed, no ball caps.

All rodeos are jackpot and $7.20 of each event entry is added to the jackpot for payout.  Payout is determined by the number of contestants in each event.  A payout schedule can be found in the NLBRA rulebook, pg 31. 

Our rodeos simply couldn't happen without volunteers. If you see a spot that could use some help, please feel free to jump in or let us know at the office that you are available and we can find a spot!  We greatly appreciate it and it certainly helps keep the rodeo moving along!   

We rely on sponsors to help keep the entry fees as reasonable as we can, and for prizes and year end awards. For each member that brings in at least a $500 sponsor, we will waive (or reimburse) your national membership fee. For $1000 sponsor, we will waive a contestant’s entry fees for one rodeo. Sponsor Forms are also found under our Facebook page in the Entry Forms Album under Photos 

We are asking if each contestant can help us by selling 20 raffle tickets this year. Selling raffle tickets is not required to participate in our rodeo, but greatly appreciated!  Metra RV Center, who has come on as our Winter Series Title Sponsor, is providing a brand new 2016 Bison Trail Hand 7408TH 4 Horse Living Quarters Horse Trailer for Big Sky Little Britches and Montana Mini Buckers to raffle off for some lucky person to win! All tickets, including unsold tickets, will need to be turned in by the March 11th rodeo.  
There will be several events where BSLBR will be set up with the trailer to help members sell raffle tickets. We will post these on our Facebook page. Members can also request to reserve the trailer to take to additional events to help sell tickets. Talk to Robert Howell, 406-690-5380 to set this up.

Big Sky Little Britches contestants can quality to compete in an event at the 2018 National Little Britches Finals held at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK by placing in the top 5 in that event at least 5 times. 

Big Sky Little Britches Rodeo Association prohibits the use of any form of tobacco or marijuana (even in states legalizing the product) by all its participants and spectators during any Big Sky Little Britches event. This includes the restrooms, grandstands, concession and entrance areas and arena. Any contestant violating the tobacco regulation (with documentation) will be suspended for five weekends on first offense. The second offense will result in rodeo privileges suspended for one year. In addition, no sponsor patches or banners advertising tobacco products are allowed on contestant clothing, tack, or arena fence or in rodeo programs. . This rule protects the health, safety and welfare of participants, livestock and fans of the Big Sky Little Britches Rodeo Association.

The main goal of BSLBR is to provide a learning environment to help our youth contestants succeed in the sport of rodeo, establish good sportsmanship, learn valuable life skills and give them an opportunity to compete at the NLBRA Finals. It is the responsibility of the contestants and adults to make sure that everyone at our rodeos is working to create a positive environment. We try to keep this a safe, fun, laid back atmosphere for our rodeos and appreciate your support by coming and participating. Best of luck to all the contestants!

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